Winchester & Chawton - places you simply must go, if you are nearby
Winchester Cathedral
Jane Austin's tomb
The Bridge Patisseire - YUM!!

The 'market town' of Winchester
The city mill - National Trust

St John's Almshouse

Jane Austin's House Museum in Chawton
The donkey cart she and her sister rode ...
The table she where she wrote...
View from her bedroom of the stable
A house down the road - perhaps a friend lived there...
The Greyfriar pub
- across the road from Jane Austin's house in Chawton

I came to Jane Austin's house too late on my first attempt. I redeemed the day with 'research' at the Greyfriar pub - host to the most friendly locals I met in all my 'pub crawls' (really, they serve tea at pubs, too!).
It was near time for the end of day rush hour traffic. The dreaded inner-city slalom of roundabouts in Guildford lay between me and my hotel. So... I sampled two half-pints of deep-colored beer and chatted up my new pub-mates for two hours - to make sure I was safe on for the road.