Central Wales
On the road to Elan Valley Reservoirs in Wales
Elan Valley Reservoirs
Elan Valley Trail
signage in Welsh & English
...cousin Viv, gracious about my ambling photographer's pace
A rowan tree
Wild raspberry
Gorse bush
(very sticky!)

Rowen tree berries
Hawthorne bush with red berries intertwined with bloomng blackberries
Bracken - the fern plants growing beside the path

Cultivated conifers growing thick on the far hill - nothing grows beneath them (except stories...)

A hill of Bracken before the 'rough' woods
...a natural beauty which defies words
draws my feet and my heart to return.
Do so with me...

Thank you, Viviene & Phil.

This very special outing was beyond delightful.

I can still 'feel' the colour of the woods and the thrill of the deep, still water spilling 'or the dams.

Wales is enchantment.