Day 1:
Travel Plan ~ the first through the sixteeth of October 2012
Overnight Flight from Phoenix, Arizona 10am (Monday) to London Gatewick Airport 12pm (Tuesday) via Atlanta and Dublin
Train (5 min.) from Gatewick to village of Horley
Walk (5 min.) from Horely Station to Castle Lodge Guest House (carry-on rolling suitcase and small 'day bag' over handle of rolling bag)
Train to London Victoria Station from Horley (about 40 minutes) - Tube (subway) to Sloane Square from Victoria Underground (2 stops) - walk 1 block
Cadogan Hall - The Vienna Boys Choir 7:30 performance

Successes: British train and 'tube' (London subway)
Day 2:
Plan: Get to London, Attend Vienna Boys Choir Concert (splendid!)
Plan: Buckingham Palace Tour, tube and walk 'book locations' - Courtauld, King's College, Marble Arch, Hyde Park
Successes: On time for Palace tour and Queen's Diamonds exhibition (Wow!), lasted for 3 hours walking London
DETAILS are in the photos...
Ouch: Feet died before I'd finished my list for the day, jet lag payment via early bedtime
Slept in, breakfasted, negotiated train to Victoria Station (40 minutes), walk to Palace for tour,
recommend self-paced audio tour and linger in garden
Tube ride to book locations, study of edifices of Courtauld art museum and school, learn the flow of traffic and pedestrians
Groceries and beverages for eating in my room (too tired to go out)

Day 3:
Plan: More London'book locations' - Royal Academies of Art and Music, negotiate various tube stations
Successes: Jet lag resolved, Tube station & street negotiation via my 'magic' folding map of London
Day 4-17:
The details are in the photo tour.
How to fit it all in fifteen days?