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A mid-life crisis for two time former spy's wife, Thea Parker
Four indistinguishable years beyond the first and second worst days of her life, then…
   shocked by a sighting of her one true love thought lost at sea,
   unsettled by shadowy watchers, haunting messages and disheveling intrusions,
   cossetted by her novelist friend's laughter and chocolate cure for cheerlessness, and
   toppled by a powerful earthquake that scrambles her ordered world;
she steps out of the past into the will of heaven

A miracle for a mysterious disfigured friar living in a Baja monastery
Four years of religious refuge tormented by nightmares of murder and explosions at sea, then…
   forced memories reawaken long-lost hopes overshadowed by real and present dangers,
   secreted back to a semi-safe life by a select few family and friends,
   thwarted by past demons from high-risk art fraud and a six generation bloody vendetta, and
   plagued by bad timing and treachery obstructing his dream of family life in the open;
he rests from striving to amend the life he could have lived 'if only'
Other elements of this work:
  - spy-war against cyber piracy
  - children orphaned by natural disaster
  - testimony against Mexican Mafia
  - false but convincing art masterpieces
  - multiple lives of spies that won't die
  - novelization of skeletons and novelties in family closets
  - locations: Los Angeles, San Diego, Baja and central Mexico, Lake Tahoe, Ottawa

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