Travel for writing
Novel Ideas
The purpose of my travel was, foremost, to experience locations and ways of life related to my works of fiction.
(I've shared some of that tucked between photos on my 'tour by town' pages. I'll add prose and novel excerpts in future editions of this site.)

Surprisingly, my imagination was bombarded each day to consider 'new' fiction and photographic topics.  For example:
Interesting doors and entryway photos (the stories of what lies beyond them)

Rural fences and gates (the stories that pass through them)

Masonry walls and hedgerows (stories of the masons and their materials, and the hedgegrowers and their hedge-stock)

Little-used or baracaded public footpaths (stories of the peoples they used to tie together when the paths were well-trod)

The different masonry and roof styles in connected houses - leaning eras together like books from prior ages on the shelf of a treasured library collection

The changing light in 'close' (narrow) lanes and alleys in villages, towns, and the old parts of cities (sunlit at noon, else-wise edged with shadows or in deepest darkness)

Views from facing windows or window views contrasting servant and 'stately' life

More to come...
The secondary purpose for my travel was the opportunity to meet my beloved British 4th cousins.  You can read about Thomas Jones on the England 2012 tour home page. I hope to make a page sharing photos and personal reflections inspired by my cousin's well-guided glimpse-thru-time at our 5th great grandfather's life, village and environs. I'll provide a link when I finally get the job done.

The house at Coverland - home of my Jones relations mid-1800s