Ludlow & Leintwardine
Ludlow - a market town
softened by misting rain
Train watching
- a British pastime I could get used to

Kilted men arrayed in tartans of different clans decorating Reading Station
- hmmm, I wonder...

... countryside from Ludlow to Shrewsbury
(you'd know it was England without the label)

A H Griffiths butcher and abattoir on High St
Leintwardine -
the village home of my forefathers

The Swan

Watling Street

The Sun Inn - a 'parlour pub'
Bar at The Lion
Leintwardine environs
Leintwardine Bridge and the River Teme
Stile on Watling Street to a public footpath
Cemetery on Watling Street
Church cat - St. Mary Magdalene
I came to 'the borders' - fertile valleys and green hills joining east Wales and central western England and  laced with straight hedgerows and meandering rivers - to meet my 4th cousins residing - as our forefathers did - in Leintwardine (an ancient village along the old Roman road on the river Temes).
My time in Leintwardine set an anchor in my soul.
I can barely describe the feeling of walking the beautiful countryside and quaint village, full-well knowing every step was on paths and in edifices linking me to my 4th great grandfather (circa 1850). I will never thank you enough, Viviene and Phil.