The Courtauld Gallery & Institute of Art is beneath Somerset Palace
(interesting steps appear to go undergound but the lower level opens onto the Victoria Embankment beside the River Thames on the other side)

The Royal Mews
New London Theatre - 'War Horse'

Marble Arch
Royal Academy of Music
St George Hospital at Hyde Park
beyond description ~ majestic, stately, with diamonds worthy of a queen in her 60th sovereign year
Drury Lane - a street level garden.
London also has lush roof-top gardens and slivers of park beside a few tree-lined streets, along with the large, well-known parks.

The Cottage on Drury Lane near the Strand
Royal Academy of Music
The White Hart pub - oldest in London
Somerset House
Once home to the Navy Board - left is the entry to Seaman's Hall
- one of the royal palaces during  Queen Elizabeth I's reign
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Buckingham Palace & Garden
I lodged 45 minutes south and 'commuted' to London by train three times - for a concert, the theatre and a Royal tour. This simulated the life of my novel's character 'Thea' in the outlined book 'Finding Lily'.
Riding the tube and walking between museums and universities (the next three photo groups) simulated the academic life of characters 'Foster and Cameron' in the partially complete novel 'Blood Curse'.
It doesn't ALWAYS rain in England but it can rain at anytime.

Notice the blue and soft grey skies... I enjoyed 3 days in London without need of an umbrella.

The tube stations of the London subway system are fascinating - some with such splendid architecture and decor I gawked 'whilst moving with the crowd.' I even huffed the appropriate British remark, 'typical,' when faced with descending an out of order escalator (40-feet below the street, step-by-step, on the left, naturally)
St Mary Le Strand Church
- a slice of history between two busy London Streets