Riverwalk along the Arun
 - fish recipes engraved on statues
& the Queen's swans elegantly swimming the fast moving river Arun

Weather - 3 days of sun and breezes,
then a windy rain upon departure

Arundel Castle and Town
Arundel Castle - home of the Duke of Norfolk
Hiorne Tower overlooking an approach to the castle
St Nicholas church
Arundel Cathedral
door from castle garden to the town
Arun Sands Guest House
'Crumble' - cooked fruit dessert -with warm custard topping and French press coffee with milk
(my favorite 'pudding' ~ dessert)

West Wittering Beach
- a 'blue flag beach'
(the best)

West Itchenor
 - Chichester Harbour
The Ship Inn
Chichester Cathedral
Traditional Flint masonry -
flint is 'snapped' and pressed into masonry
Chichester shopping
roundabout with a lawn
Petworth House
View from the stately house (above)
View from scullery of kitchen (right)

Stillroom for tea preparation & making preserves
Chicken pastie
(say pah-stee)

Home of
'the proud duke'
 - originator of a tremendous art collection & decor

Arundel town
Town views
- An idyllic seaside harbor town on the river Arun. Graceful swans belie the hazards of the fast-flowing water. A quiet village in October. The knotted streets put dozens of amazing sites and wonders within reach: Chichester Cathedral, Arun Castle, and a long list of museums, stately homes, Roman ruins, and famous beaches.